The Euroasia Competition Series was established with the main purpose of providing a platform for young musicians to expose themselves to international standards of music competition. It hopes to recognise talents at various stages of their musical development, for identifying those who can project an all-balanced state of creativity, imagination in choice of repertoire and artistic excellence. The Jury evaluates based on technical aspects, expressive quality of interpretation, and – most importantly – absolute musicianship of performance.

Euroasia was honoured to have National Symphony Orchestra Music Director and Principal Conductor Mustafa Fuzer Nawi and highly-acclaimed concert pianist Loo Bang Hean as heads of the Panel of Jurists for the 2013 and 2014 competitions. Joining us in 2015 was renowned musicologist Dr. Andrew Filmer. Our jury panel comprises performers and educators who are all specialists in their respected fields, as well as being well-known personalities in the musical world – professionals who are equipped with the knowledge and experience in nurturing and encouraging new talents in the classical music world.

We aim to make a Euroasia Competition prize to be one which would see fledgling musicians become the next generation of artists who can offer much to the heritage of music culture.

Euroasia looks forward to welcoming your participation at the next Euroasia Competition!

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