Joyce Gan Wen Qin is a gifted musician with a passion for performance that has been evident since childhood. Starting piano lessons at the age of 7, as a LTCL holder by the age of 16. Throughout her musical journey, Joyce has accumulated over a decade of experience as an accompanist, notably serving as the lead accompanist for the CHHS Choir during secondary school and receiving recognition such as the Best Accompanist Award at the CHHS Vocal Competition.

Her extensive performance experience spans 13 years, during which she has showcased her skills in various prestigious events, including winning keys performance at NAFA 2022 and participation in the NAFA 2023 Concert Series Piano Plus. Additionally, Joyce has been a member of the NAFA Chorus and OWMPA 2016. Her commitment to musical excellence is further evidenced by her inclusion on the NAFA Dean’s List in 2022.

Now Joyce pursuing a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Music Performance at Sunway University, she continues to push the boundaries of her musical abilities and inspire others with her talent and dedication.