A Look Back at My Internship Journey with Euroasia……

My name is Joey Lim and I’m currently in my 3rd year of my undergraduate study at Sunway University in Music Performance course. Throughout my studies at university, I’ve participated in recitals and masterclasses. Aside from being a pianist, I’ve always had an interest in venturing into the behind-the-scenes of an event and this internship experience has fulfilled my interest. I’ve always been interested in this field and wanted to learn more, and this internship opportunity has allowed me to do so. Though these 3 months of internship may not seem like much, I’ve learned something new every day, had the opportunity to travel to different places, meet new people, develop new skills, and enhance my existing skills. I’ve got to experience the whole process of events, and I’ve come to understand that it takes a great deal of work in preparation until the wrap-up of the events. In a short time, I’ve had the opportunity to polish up my communication skills, creativity skills, problem-solving skills, organization skills and time management skills.

The first few weeks of my internship were challenging for me as I was trying to adapt to a new working style and a new environment as well. But slowly, I managed to adapt to it, and I started to feel comfortable. During my internship, I came across difficulties and challenges along the way, but in the end, I learned to take up the challenge and learn from it. During this short time of my internship, there were many different types of tasks assigned to me, but I struggled to juggle multiple works at a time, however, with my time management skills, I’ve managed to arrange the tasks based on priority and this has allowed me to work efficiently. Aside from having fundamental skills, this internship has provided me with the experience of the reality of the working world, and to experience the workload and it has allowed me to gain hands-on experience.

During my internship, I’ve used common applications such as PowerPoint, Excel sheet, Google Drive and canva to work on my assigned tasks. Throughout my education in university, it has prepared me to use applications like these through presentations and assignments. I’ve found it useful that I’ve learned it as I’m familiar with it and it helps to get my task done. Although I’m familiar with the applications, I’ve still managed to explore and learn shortcuts. Furthermore, I was involved in the preparation of the events from scrutinizing the websites, to producing competition guidelines slides and announcement posters. Throughout the process, I’ve learned a lot by getting to know what is needed during the preparation and getting to experience the amount of work it takes to get an event rolling.

Besides doing the preparation, I was involved in setting up the venue which utilized my organization skills. As my internship required me to travel, while travelling throughout different places such as Johor Bahru, Kota Kinabalu and Kuala Lumpur, it was a good opportunity for me to improve my communication skills as I met new people along the way and learned to assist when it comes to customer service. The most thrilling part of events was instantly thinking of solutions when a problem arose, and this enhanced my problem solving skills. In addition, at Euroasia, I was involved in meetings, brainstorming, sharing ideas and creating posters therefore allowing me to strengthen my skills. Furthermore, Euroasia has also allowed me to plan a concert event in Kota Kinabalu, which I’ve always wanted to be involved in and it has given me a sense of accomplishment when the event ran smoothly. Throughout my internship, I find myself being precise in my work to minimize the number of mistakes. It has made me realise that small fine details matter.

At Euroasia, it has provided me with a comfortable space to learn and to work. The colleagues are friendly, and the teamwork is strong. Throughout the internship, I’ve made some new friends along the way, made new memories and as the days went by, I grew closer to them. I’m so glad to have accepted this internship at Euroasia, it was nonetheless a great working experience for me, and it has equipped me with new sets of skills. Nevertheless, I would like to express my sincere utmost gratitude to the whole team of Euroasia for being kind, caring, patient and super helpful towards an intern like me. It has made my internship experience unforgettable and one to be cherished. Euroasia has taught me a lot during the past 3 months, and I will always apply what I’ve learned towards my future work. As I end my internship of 3 months, I leave with a handful of experiences and great memories.