Lai Jia Yun is a classical vocalist and soprano who has been dedicated to her craft for the past seven years. Her musical journey began with traditional vocal training and has since evolved into a study of both classical and contemporary music styles. She is currently pursuing her Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Music Performance at Sunway University, where she continues to refine her vocal skills and expand her musical knowledge.

Lai’s commitment to her studies and passion for singing have led to several notable achievements. In 2022, she received a Special Mention at the Birmingham International Music Competition in the Advanced 2/Voice category, a testament to her growing talent and dedication. In 2023, she secured the Excellent Performance Prize and the 1st Prize in the Adult (19–35-year-old) category at the 10th Hong Kong International Vocal Open Competition. Additionally, she earned a Bronze Prize at the Amadeus International Music Awards in the Master Star/Voice category.

Despite these accomplishments, Lai Jia Yun remains focused on her studies and continues to seek out new opportunities to perform and collaborate with other musicians. Her journey is one of constant learning and growth, with a deep commitment to her art. As she progresses in her career, Lai is determined to make a lasting impression on the classical music scene and share her love of singing with audiences around the world.