My valuable internship experiences with Euroasia.

I am Leong Xiu Hui, currently in my final year of pursuing diploma in music at Malaysian Institute of Art. During one month of my internship at Euroasia, the theory and knowledge I have learnt during the whole four weeks of my internship was data entry, organizing, doing data analysis editing with the use of Microsoft Office tools for Euroasia competition’s contestants.

I learned how to do administrative work with Microsoft Excel. I did data entry on the information received from the Euroasia competition’s contestants such as their names, event, contact number and e-mail. I collected the biographies and individual photos of the performers and upload the files into a google drive.

I was required to find out the dietary requirements such as vegetarian, halal food or any allergy of each member by texting them individually in WhatsApp and ordered lunch for them based on the data recorded. After the Euroasia concert in December, I was required to create a google drive to upload the pictures that were taken during the concert. I was also required to select the most attractive, nice photos and edit them to be inserted in the official Euroasia Sinfonia website.

All these helped me improve my communication skills and computer skills. Due to lacking in technology knowledge such as using Microsoft Excel, create or upload documents in to google drive, the supervisor had to guide me step by step in doing the excel worksheet and how to create google drive.

Lastly, I will be more alert of my surroundings and take more initiative to help out and seek knowledge to improve my skills for my work. All these knowledges helped me to be an all-rounder person where I can do a better job and have better results. This was my first time working, so I did not know that I have to ask for more work when I finish the tasks that were given to me. Next time, I will try my best to take more initiative to get involved with the company. These knowledges are what I need to be armed with when I seek work in my future endeavor. I will try my best to give in all to contribute to the music industry in the future.