My internship journey with Euroasia.

My name is Lim Hang Wei and I am currently in the 3rd year of my Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing at Tunku Abdul Rahman University of Management and Technology. For one that is questioning : Why would a business student come to a music organisation to have his internship? And the answer is actually very simple, it is to diversify my knowledge with business to other societies.

During my internship at Euroasia, I was assigned in their marketing department so I would be only handling a lot of the organisation’s data and sales, or so I thought. One of the jobs that was assigned to me was to check on the Euroasia’s social media page daily in order to make up any missed out posts. Not only were the pictures chosen have to be interesting but the captions too as if the captions that were posted out were not interesting enough, it would bore everyone that are looking through the posts and not even pay attention to what the post is about. This is when I realised, that not everything is exactly the way as what I was thought in my classes at TARUMT, different situations needs different solutions meaning, I had to look through the post as if I am the target customer thinking “What would I be looking forward about this post or the upcoming event?”. 

Moreover, I have also gained new experience about website designing for different occasions. The organisation had a number of upcoming events like competitions. I had to think of ways to create ideas and creativity to make the website interesting, simplistic and informative. Initially I did not know any of the functions of the platform as I have to use trial and error to identify which function is to control which part of the website.

Furthermore, I have gained experience in using Canva to create and modify posters, initially I have thought that as a marketing student, it would not require me to learn any graphic designing related activities but during my internship only I realised as not only as I am promoting events, I have to design the poster or modify the poster as a marketing strategy in order to attract more customer’s attention.

It is truly fascinating to learn more about the music industry and challenging to market it. I did not know that the classical music industry could be elegant and artistic. The different pieces that the musicians played, the variety of instruments that were used and the details of the performance was a new experience to me. By learning the different pieces of scores and the terms that were used, not only did I gain more personal experience but I have also gained self-confidence while talking to different people in the music industry. 

Before I had my internship in Euroasia, I had worked as a part-timer in some industry, for example as a waiter in a restaurant and a real-estate agent at a property company. Both had given me different experiences as well like multitasking different orders at once and learning how to speak to different customers. At that time I thought that I had gained a lot of working experiences during my part-time jobs but the time and experience I had in Euroasia caught me unexpectedly.