My internship experiences with Euroasia.

I am Lim Kwan Yee, currently in my final year of undergraduate studies at the Institute of Music, UCSI University. As a dedicated classical pianist, I have actively participated in performances and various competitions. My internship at Euroasia sparked an expectation for hands-on experience of events, complementing academic learning with practical application within the industry. I envisioned an environment that fosters growth and encourages exploration, allowing me to actively contribute to projects while learning from industry professionals. Anticipating insights into a performing arts organization’s day-to-day operations, challenges, and effective problem-solving approaches, I sought opportunities to network within the music industry, aiming to foster relationships for potential collaborations or future career prospects. Overall, my expectation centered on a dynamic experience merging learning, skill development, and meaningful contributions to the organization.

My primary objective for this internship included familiarizing myself with the practical aspects of organizing music events including competitions and festivals. Additionally, I aimed to sharpen technical skills through hands-on projects and assignments, allowing me to expand and acquire new skill sets. Engaging with industry professionals, mentors, and colleagues, I sought to develop a strong professional network, learning from their experiences and perspectives. Ultimately, I intended to leverage this internship to not only enhance my knowledge but also to gain practical expertise that will set a solid foundation for my career growth.

During my internship, the organization’s dynamic nature honed my multitasking and time management skills. Besides, actively contributing to competition events—performing tasks from data entry to event venue preparation—was immensely rewarding. Seeing these events succeed gave me a deep sense of accomplishment that resonated throughout my internship. Moreover, this experience equipped me with a diverse set of skills and invaluable knowledge that I believe will significantly contribute to my future employment endeavours. One of the key skills I developed was proficiency in handling data entry tasks utilizing Microsoft applications, particularly Excel Spreadsheet. Given the extensive paperwork involved in event preparation, adeptness in managing databases—collecting, crosschecking, transferring, and organizing data—was essential. This proficiency not only improved my abilities in utilizing Microsoft applications but also underscored the pivotal role of data entry in event management, a skill crucial for future employment in similar settings.

In addition, my internship provided a platform for refining my communication and interpersonal skills, particularly through collaborative experiences with diverse individuals across different locations during competition events held in Miri, Johor Bahru, and Kuala Lumpur. Navigating diverse working styles and working with these people underscored the significance of effective communication. Clear and articulate communication was crucial to avoid misunderstandings and ensure seamless event execution. Recognizing the importance of interpersonal skills in fostering healthy relationships among team members is a lesson I deeply value for future employment, where collaboration and teamwork are essential.

Furthermore, the internship introduced me to graphic design using Canva, a skill I initially resisted. However, this learning experience offered a fresh perspective on design, proving to be a valuable addition to my skill set. Acquiring proficiency in Canva opens doors for future opportunities in independently creating visually appealing designs, especially for event posters and performances. This newfound skill serves as an asset for future employment scenarios where design proficiency can significantly contribute to promotional materials and presentations.

In retrospect, I found immense enjoyment in this internship as it provided me with a glimpse into an area I have long been curious about—the process and behind-the-scenes workings. Managing the workload was feasible, allowing me to maintain a harmonious work-life balance. The organization’s friendly atmosphere fostered open communication, enabling us to address work-related concerns effectively. The experience went beyond my initial expectations, propelled by the supportive environment and my enthusiasm for learning. It offered invaluable insights and numerous “first-time” moments that have become cherished memories, each contributing positively to my overall experience.

If given the opportunity, I would enthusiastically revisit this internship for the positive experiences it offered and the substantial personal growth it facilitated. It acted as a catalyst for exploring areas I previously hesitated to engage with, integrating academic knowledge into practical scenarios, and imparting invaluable lessons in effective communication and adaptability. As I conclude this chapter, I leave equipped with enhanced competencies and am eager to continue my journey of growth and contribution within the music industry.