Born in 2011, he started his journey in piano learning at age 3 and the violin learning at age 5. He is currently working on both Diploma Piano & Violin.

Jau Jer has been actively participating in various music festivals and competitions, both at local and international levels as a soloist and ensemble player.

He has taken part in a number of competitions, in 2024, he just won Gold award(Violin Diploma Category) in the Euroasia Youth Music Festival & the Semi-finalists of UCSI International Piano Competition.

In 2023, he won the 1st prize(Age 11-12 Category) in the Malaysia Piano Competition, Gold award(Age 11-12 Category) in the Euroasia Strings Competition & Gold award(Young Artist Junior Category) in the Malaysia Piano Competition. Also he won the Gold Award for violin solo open category, and Silver Award for piano solo open category in the MYOF 2023. Top Scorer Award and High Scorer Award, violin category in Indonesia International Youth Musician Award 2022. He was also awarded the Gold Award for Junior Class A at the St. Petersburg International Music Competition 2022/2023(Final in Hong Kong) and won multiple awards at VIVACE International Piano Competition, The International Liszt Ferenc Competition and more.

Jau Jer enjoys playing in an ensemble. He was an active participant in the RondoFest 2023 as a selected member for 1st violin and had a masterclass with Mr. Bas Treub (Principal 2nd Violin, Netherlands Chamber Orchestra). Also he is the 1st violin member of MPYO.

Jau Jer aspires to be a violinist, he has strong enthusiasm and passion for the violin; he aims to gain more experience, hone his skills, and meet many more violinists. Other than the violin & piano, he learns other instruments like the marimba(currently learning ABRSM grade 8) & acoustic guitar for leisure.

Currently he is preparing for the 2024 UCSI international piano competition semifinal and 2024 EYMF violin diploma category finals both in June 2024.