The Euroasia Youth Music Festival was established in 2013 with the objective of bringing together talented musicians, music-lovers, and music organizations from all over the world. To strengthen relationships and establish ties, and to assure long-lasting interests for music.

As its name suggests, the Euroasia Youth Music Festival was founded on the fundamental goal of bringing the rich traditions of European classical music to talented Malaysian musicians through exposure to different pedagogical approaches and broader perspectives on the style, technique and history of Western classical music. We aim to foster the talent of participants by providing them with the opportunity to gain experience through performing alongside world class musicians, to be inspired by the efforts of their peers and to immerse in the joy of making music in an intimate and inspiring setting.

To this end, the Euroasia Youth Music Festival  has featured a plethora of workshops, masterclasses and concerts facilitated by an international faculty, including performers and educators from China, France, Italy, Philippines, Malaysia, Venezuela, Vietnam, Taiwan, and the UK. 

We hope the festival would be an event that offers competitive music classes, within a prestigious environment, as an experience to assist the education and development of both professional and amateur performers in Malaysia.

The main event of the Festival is the Euroasia Competition Series  – other programmes of the festival include MastercIasses, workshops, lecture-recitals, and concerts.